About Us

About Us

In 1983, a community committee, many of whom were physicians from First Central Presbyterian Church, recognized a critical unmet need in the Abilene area – affordable healthcare for a segment of the population they described as the working poor. Although employed, many individuals in this group were simply financially unable to afford health insurance, were too young for Medicare, and generally ineligible for Medicaid. As a result of the absence of health insurance, their access to medical care was limited and medical care delayed. With passion and courage, the community committee stepped forward in faith to change their community and improve the lives of their neighbors. What began as a part time clinic operated from the trunk of a car, is now a growing medical mission providing care, compassion, and hope for thousands of patients each year. Since its inception over 40 years ago, the Mission has provided quality health care to over 47,000 people in a 19-county region who had fallen through the cracks. The Mission’s approach to patient care is unique over traditional charitable care which generally offers little patient/physician continuity. At the Mission patients are encouraged to establish a medical home for their primary care and develop a provider relationship with their physician, improving both care and patient confidence.

“Access to care” is a phrase that we use often. It is a common phrase in the world of charitable clinics, and it refers to the efforts that we— the Board, Staff, Volunteers, and Medical Care Mission Friends like you — make to ensure that those who need health care receive it, regardless of their economic circumstances. By providing access to care to an often forgotten population, our clinic eases the burden of our local trauma department.

We are a 501(c)(3) private, independent, non profit corporation, and rely on public support, private donations and grants for funding. Our volunteers, donors, and community partners are essential to the continuation and success of our Mission.

Who We Are

Presbyterian Medical Care Mission
Board of Directors

Frank Stamey, President

Taylor County Assistant District Attorney

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to receive quality medical care. In a caring and compassionate manner, the PMCM provides access to this invaluable service to those who otherwise would not receive it. I wanted to serve on the PMCM Board to help with this mission.”

Mike Monhollon, Vice President

Associate Provost Hardin-Simmons University

“Jesus makes his injunction to care for the sick very strongly, and concludes ‘Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these, you have done it unto me.’ My participation on the Board of the Presbyterian Medical Care Mission is, I hope, a way to visit the sick with whom I have no direct contact, but who qualify as ‘the least of these.’”

Trey Todd, Treasurer

Tax Partner, Condley and Company, LLP

“I serve on the board to help with the mission of providing healthcare to those who are in need or feel as though they have run out of options.  My hope is that PMCM provides a welcoming place to provide a necessary service for the Abilene area.”

Kevin Cassidy, Secretary

Financial Planner, Veritas Wealth Management, LLC

“We’re called to serve those we can.  I’m thankful for this opportunity to serve our healthcare professionals serving our community.”

Brad Brazell

Controller, Black Plumbing

“I’m proud to be on the Board of the PMCM and support the mission for providing medical care to individuals in our community that otherwise would not be able to receive the care they need.”

Lynn Beal

Community Volunteer

“In joining the board of directors for Presbyterian Medical Care Mission, my hope is to contribute in some way to uphold and sustain the work of this ministry.  A ministry which shares the love of Christ through serving a population which may otherwise be without medical care.  The Mission’s personal and compassionate approach to those in need is rare in our world, and to be a small part of its long tradition of healing and hope is both inspiring and humbling.  I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Robert Hanna

City Manager, City of Abilene

“Presbyterian Medical Care Mission allows me to serve those persons in the Abilene area who need access to healthcare in a meaningful and impactful way. Moreover, I can do it in a purposely Christian setting. By serving on the Board of Directors for PMCM I am serving many who are most in need of the ministry and healing PMCM provides. It’s truly my honor to roll my sleeves up and pitch in where I am able.”

K.O. Long

Community Volunteer

“The Medical Care Mission is appropriately named.  It performs its mission by providing healthcare services that fulfill a significant need in our community.”

David Ray

Community Volunteer/Author

“I serve on the PMCM board because it seeks to provide compassionate medical care to those in need that live in Abilene and the surrounding areas.”

Dr. John A. Russell

Texas Midwest Emergency Physicians, Chief Medical Officer

“I am very pleased to be joining the board of the Presbyterian Medical Care Mission. I feel very strongly about our obligation to care for those in need amongst us, and I see this need demonstrated every single day that I’m working in the Emergency Department. I am honored to be able to serve Christ in this capacity.”

Dr. Ross Carmichael, Jr.


 “I have a passion for preserving the quality of medical care delivery and I hope my professional experience will be of value to the Mission in this regard.”